Niru Yoga Homestay Facilities

Niru Yoga Homestay with the yoga retreat center, Bhaktapur always think about our guests. It’s a real home. please check our testimonial what our happy guest wrote about us. 

Niru Yoga Homestay Facilities
  • A clean and comfortable room (hot water/bathroom/western toilet/sheets/pillows/blankets) triple, double, or single occupancy
  • 3 healthy and delicious vegetarian meals per day
  • Unlimited purified drinking water
  • Two daily yoga classes
  • Daily Pranayama Class
  • Daily nasal cleaning
  • Meditation class (some time in Jungle)
  • Daily excursions, such as daily walks to nearby waterfalls, jungle walks, village walk, river walk,  bird-watching walks, and beautiful treks in Kathmandu Valley and beyond.
  • Laundry service (payable)
  • Cooking Class (Free)
  • Play Local Games
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Airport pick-up and drop off (payable)
  • Sauna bath (payable)
  • Massage with a chair (payable)
  • Sound Healing (payable) 
  • Every Sunday free Sauna bath and sound healing for all




  • yoga retreat 2 days, 4 days, 6 days, and 10 days
  • Yoga Teacher Training Course (220hrs, 330hrs, and 550hrs)
  • Advanced Meditation Teacher Training Course (100hrs)
  • Osho meditation teacher training course (100hrs)
  • Ayurveda teacher training course (100hrs)
  • Pranayam teacher training course (100hrs)
  • Mudra teacher training course (100hrs)
  • Singing/heeling bowl teacher training course (100hrs)
  • Mountain yoga trekking 4500m 
  • EBC Trekking
  • ABC Trekking and other trekking 
  • All Nepal tour (Pokhara, Lumbini, Chitwan, and others tours) 


Niru Yoga homestay with yoga retreat center provides
  1. daily yoga class two time a day (Mantra, Pranayam, Yoga class, meditation (3hr)
  2. 12 types of Pranayam and meditation.
  3. Hilling therapy with hilling and singing bowl (only Sunday evening)
  4. Satkarma (daily Nasal cleaning with warm salty water)
  5. beautiful garden with all kinds of fruits and vegetables. (local farming)
  6. cultural program (on required) 
  7. campfire (sometimes)
  8. daily hiking (jungle area, temple area, waterfall, river walk, village walk, etc.)
  9. Special hiking 2300m (Nagarkot viewpoint) high for sunrise from Mt. Everest and sunset view  from hill station (Yoga in Nature) {Extra cost}
  10. Yoga trekking. (4500m high, 15 days survival yoga trekking) {on demand}
  11. Karma Yoga project. (on demand)
  12. volunteer work for government school. (Karma Yoga project on demand)
  13. Travel guide for all Nepal travel. (Free)
  14. Water meditation (on demand)
  15. Mindfulness meditation with a yoga retreat. (contact us)
  16. Ayurveda detox retreat 10 days (contact us)
  17. Mantra chanting and singing mantra ( every day)
  18. Free cooking class. (Sunday)
  19. Yoga Teacher Training program. RYS 220, RYS 330 RYS 550 ERYT 100 (contact us)
  20. Yoga retreat all over the world and more. (visit us)

For more details inquiry on specific dates please consult this page.