Dear guests,

We are so happy to welcome to our Homestay. To make your stay more enjoyable for yourself and others, please consider the following ‘rules’. Thank you for your support.

-Please don’t wear Henna. For us it’s really difficult to keep bed sheets clean when people wear henna. If you already have some, please use a towel to protect the duvets and pillowcases. In case your henna spreads out to something; please let us know. Then we can find a solution as soon as possible.

-In Nepal it is not possible to flush toilet paper down the toilet. Please use the gun and throw all paper in the bin. You or we can empty the bin outside at any time.

-Please keep your room locked with the provided lock on the outside of the door. Our front door can be open anytime, due to many visitors, and to make sure your belongings are safe we ask you to lock the door yourself. Even during yoga time or meals. We are not responsible for your belongings.

-Please eat till you have enough. Never feel ashamed to ask for more food or at a different time of the day. But we ask you not to waste food. 75% of our food is harvest by our self with love and seeing it go to waste is a shame. We always try to use everything optimal, saving for need meal or give to others. So if you are full, please don’t take a second round (Niru will still believe it was tasty!).

-For yourself and others; no alcohol and drugs aloud. If you want to smoke, please ask family members and other guests in order not to bother anyone.

-If you wish to perform some karma yoga; feel free to ask Yogi Rajan anytime. There are many opportunities and always something according to your desire.

-You are staying at a homestay so you consider this place as your own home. You can use all rooms (yoga hall, dining etc.) at any time. Just ask Rajan for the key when needed and carefully use the place as desired. The family members are your family members to feel free to share your ideas with us or to play games, watch movies or else together! We consider you as a family member during your visit (and after!).

-Any inconveniences; please tell us. There is no problem we don’t have a solution for. If you feel sick, mosquitos, insomnia; please be open and tell us. We have a lot of knowledge and are only happy to help.

Daily schedule

-7:00    Set your alarm, because this is wake-up time!

-7:30    Drinking Niru’s tea in the garden and doing JalaNeti (nasal cleaning).

-8:00    One hour Hatha yoga with half an hour of pranayama (breathing exercises).

-9:30    Breakfast time in dining hall.

-10:30 Hiking in nature. Please bring things you might need with you (sunglasses, sunscreen, cap, extra jacket, raincoat, etc.). Rajan & Dinesh also brings lot of things.

-13:30 Lunch time in dining hall.

-14:30 After lunch it’s resting time until tea time.

-17:30 Tea in garden before starting class.

-18:00 One hour Hatha yoga with half an hour of pranayama (breathing exercises).

-19:30  Dinner time in dining hall.

-20:00 Free time in evening and rest.

About the rooms:

Please note: Niru Yoga Homestay has a capacity of 15 people at a time. When not fully booked, we will always try to provide as many people as possible a private room (for shared room price). In case more people book, it is possible you share the room. Only if you book a private room, you ensure you have a private room the full duration of your stay.

When you book, please tell us your gender. In Nepal we can not provide a shared room to people with different sexes.