• Dhyana yoga and  meditation sessions
  • Trekking in the beautiful surroundings
  • First-hand experience of the Nepalese culture and traditions
  • Enjoy a cooking class and daily excursions
  • Daily nasal cleansing during your stay
  • Breathing exercise
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Classes on negotiation and mediation under different situations
  • Spiritual learning and practices under the Yoga tradition
  • Availability of the community service for the interested
  • Daily delicious vegetarian meals (good food brings good people together)
  • 13 nights accommodation
  • A peace actualization
  • general physician supporting during the trekking.

14 days survival (4500m) yoga trekking in Nepal: This is a comprehensive outdoor expedition course that enables the practitioner to build up life skills, stress management, mindfulness, team building, leadership skill, among others. It not only offers a chance to cleanse your body and soul but also offers an opportunity to see Nepal from the Nepalese perspective in an interactive learning environment.  This package includes the followings:

survival (4500m) yoga trekking itinerary

Yoga has become a way of life in the contemporary world, including Nepal. It is not only practiced but lived in almost every village and city of this beautiful Himalayan landscape. As the product of modernity, alienation, depression, and individualization have adversely impacted our traditional beliefs, cultures, and inner-selves. Yoga Home Nepal aims to preserve the yogic traditions of Nepal. We will show you how we are doing this pragmatically in various conditions. 

Come as a guest and go as a family friend. You will definitely enjoy the delicious traditionally prepared Nepalese food, the smiles in the eyes of the people you meet, and the hope and inspiration you experience.  It is not only a trip but a creation of a bond that fosters our human sensitivity. We are sure that You will enjoy the beauty of your inner and outer selves, energize yourself, envision from a constructive perspective, and leave refreshed, reconnected and full of life.

The yoga retreat will organize you in the Himalayan landscape daily. Please contact us prior to booking if you need any assistance or special accommodation. We are happy to accept you the way you want to be accepted with dignity. We respect humanity. Itineraries can be customized to enhance the beauty of the program, however, a tentative plan is as under:

Plan A

A Yogic expedition to Panch Pokhari (Five Pound 4500m)

Every October, November, April, May

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